Project Name: Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion Project

Owner: Virginia Department of Transportation

The I-64 Roads Bridge-Tunnel in southeastern Virginia has long been one of the regions most congested corridors. The existing 3.5-mile facility consists of two, 2-lane immersed-tube tunnels on artificial islands with trestle bridges to shore. These tunnels opened in 1957 (current westbound lanes) and 1976 (eastbound lanes) and are approximately 7,500 feet long. Traffic on these four lanes exceeds 100,000 vehicles per day during peak summer traffic flow. The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project will ease this congestion by widening the 4-lane segments of the I-64 corridor in the cities of Hampton and Norfolk

The base scope of the Project will consist of the design and construction of improvements along approximately nine (9) miles of the I-64 corridor between Settlers Landing Road in Hampton (exit 267) and I-564 in Norfolk (exit 276). The base scope includes a new bridge-tunnel crossing, approximately 3.5 miles long and generally parallel to the existing Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, and replacement of the existing marine approach bridges between the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel islands and the shorelines.

On land, the base scope includes the addition of a third lane to I-64 in each direction, with a roadway section sufficient to accommodate a part-time median shoulder lane. For the marine crossing, the new bridge-tunnel complex will accommodate four (4) lanes of traffic for a total of eight (8) lanes of capacity across the water.

For more information, please visit VDOT’s Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel website: http://www.hrbtexpansion.org


VDOT Issues Final RFP: 09/27/2018

Deadline for Quotes: 01/16/2019

Proposal Deadline: 01/15/2019

Price Proposal Deadline: 02/08/2019

Notice of Award: 02/2019

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